partyInvite_platehorsePlanning a new year party? Birthday party? The studio has put together party sets that include an invitation, envelope, place card and bottle tag for 6 guests, 8 guests and 12 guests.



I keep sketchbooks and journals filled with words, ideas and drawings. When the time is right … when I am inspired … I  bring ideas to life. Working with paper and ink moves into digital expression or makes a gratifying statement through felt and fabric. No matter the medium, the art is full of color and personality.

Now that this first collection of Chinese New Year Animals is complete I can put together a calendar. For 2014 we have a beautiful little desk calendar that comes packaged in a hinged jewel case for easy display and storage. It’s wrapped with printed card stock and tied with a satin ribbon. These calendars are the perfect gift for friends, business, teachers and anyone who would enjoy a happy new year greeting and gift. These calendars can be purchased at the etsy store